she's like the wind (estherblodgett) wrote in dirtydancnggeek,
she's like the wind


Hey! My name is Katy and I'm a "newbie", so to speak. I'm 17 and I've been a fan of Dirty Dancing for about three years. After watching it it always makes me want to learn how to dance. If only there was someplace around here where I could learn how. :/
Anywho, I just wanted to join.

Did anyone celebrate the 20th anniversary at the movie theaters? I went tonight and it was so much fun! The movie screen was huge! It was literally from the roof to the ceiling. There was about fourty people there and we were all clapping and saying the lines out loud. We all cheered especially when Johnny says "Nobody puts Baby in the corner". lol
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I could find out if there are any ballroom studios near where you live... Although I have a similar problem.. the nearest ballroom studio is 80 miles away and is the only one with a 100 mile radius of me.
Thanks for the offer! But, unfortunately, I've looked and here in Florida there aren't many around. Or they're too expensive. :/
You know, some studios might have open dance night that is cheaper where it's just an open floor.
I saw it in the movie theater too. Where did you see it? I went to Swansea, MA. Everybody in the theater clapped at the same part.
I went to a local theater. It was a lot of fun. And, I was suprised we got the a big screen. It was definitely an experience to remember.