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Dirty Dancing at the theatre was AMAZING. Seriously, the staging was beautiful, they had the tree trunk and the water in the lift scene. Oh it was fabulous! Seriously, go see it! And get the cheapest tickets, because we were in the back row of the whole damn theatre in the upper circle (£25 a ticket) and still had a great view (scarily high though!).

Also, apart from telling you that, this is utterly unrelated, but if anyone would like to do a small favour for 5 young guys with a dream, you could vote for their band The Project to win xfm rockschool. all you have to do is go to


and vote using your email adress. i dont think hotmail adresses work though.

voting ends at midnight tonight! please vote if you have a minute, takes no time at all. they work hard, and deserve this, theyre very talented!

Thankyou! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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