distortmyvision (distortmyvision) wrote in dirtydancnggeek,

I recently discovered that the Dirty Dancing Company is coming to London to perform Dirty Dancing on stage, which I have been wanting since Christmas, when my friend went to Sydney Australia, and came back with the 'Supreme Collectors Edition' of the theatre musical soundtrack. Oh which is great by the way-it has the Hula Song!! 'And you can hula hana hana, you can hula hana hana, you can hula while i walk away, away, awaaaaaaaaaaaay' XD I love it.

They're doing it in October (at the Aldwych Theatre), which is when I turn 16. My mum said I could take two friends to see it, though its not cheap. Can anyone reccomend the best place to buy tickets, cos I'm having trouble. Im so excited about it, but I hear tickets are selling fast, and I'm terrified I'll miss it!

Im sure it wont have the same magic as the film, what with it not being Swayze and Grey acting in it, but even so, I cant miss this.

Buy some tickets guys, this is important! Ooh, maybe they'll sell dirty dancing t-shirts. Oh, thats a point, who knows where to buy those? Ive only ever found two designs on the internet-both plain, one with the slogan 'i carried a watermelon' and one with 'nobody puts baby in a corner' but they're made for men. Why, i might add?? I want one! Also I need a dirty dancing poster. Any comments? Sorry, i need a lot. Im gonna go now...
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